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Katja Kean definitely qualifies as a luxury import. Katja is the hottest sex machine to ever come from Denmark with a fantastic body, incredible face, and explosive sexual appetite. Katja Kean drives men crazy. Katja Kean can make a guy cum by just looking into his eyes as she pounces on his cock. Katja came to America to find fortune in porn and after making a bucket of cash returned to Denmark with fame in hand and got engaged in the fashion business. Before she left the United States, Katja Kean darned numerous video box covers as a leading lady of adult entertainment. Click a photo below to enlarge more of the darling Denmark dame.


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Katja Kean opens her mouth for a hot load of cum:


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Everyone from America to Germany wants to fuck Katja Kean. Her English is not too good, but her body is fucking awesome. Katja Kean can fuck in any language and men from around the world desire to get a piece of her ass. Just imagine making Katja Kean cum in German or English.


Below is what Adam Film World Says about Katja Kean

"This gorgeous blonde from Denmark definitely qualifies as a luxury import. Although well known in her homeland, she's just now making her debut on the American porn scene. After watching Katja Kean do what she does best, we're hoping she decides to stay.

Not too much is known about this low-profile Danish bombshell. Katja Kean hasn't done a lot of movies, but no one who sees her on the screen ever forgets her. Katja really enjoys doing porn, but she also takes her work seriously and gives her all to every project. On camera Katja combines intensity and animal passion in a way that totally captivates. And Katja Kean has an awesome sexual energy and drive. She's equally enthusiastic about male or female partners, in any numbers or combinations. She seems ready and eager to take on all cummers and then go back for more.  Away from the triple-X world, Katja enjoys a pretty low-key lifestyle. She enjoys outdoor activities like camping and hiking, especially with that special someone. Katja claims to be kind of a "homebody", enjoying her home and family. It's hard to imagine her peacefully pruning her petunias after watching her scorching performances in front of the cameras. Katja is a private and complex person who likes to keep her professional and personal life well separated.

Physically, Katja comes as close to perfection as anyone could ask. Her tall, slender, perfectly curved body is strong and graceful. She has fantastic legs that seem to go on forever, and her face puts most cover models to shame. Her big, expressive eyes and shining golden tresses round out a package that is pretty close to perfect. If Katja Kean is any example, we need to step up trade negotiations and increase Danish imports now." -- Adam Film World


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